Greenmetrics re-launch

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20th January 2015

You may have noticed we have a shiny new website, and we hope you like it.

It’s been six years since we launched Greenmetrics on the same day as the inauguration of President Obama. It’s been an interesting roller-coaster of a time, we’ve worked with some great clients, met some fantastic and fascinating people, and we’ve loved every minute. Now it’s time to take stock and reflect on the projects we’ve most enjoyed working on, where clients have said we’ve added the best value and those which offer the best opportunities for positive change.

Along the way we’ve consolidated our involvement and expertise in the wider aspects of corporate social responsibility, and looked ahead at the challenges facing business in 2015 and beyond. We’ve thought about how we might be able to help build the capacity for organisations to manage the risks and opportunities of resource efficiency, social equality and increasing pressure on natural ecosystems; working towards a fairer economy.

We’ve decided to focus our offers along three themes: systems, training and communication.

We believe these are all critical elements in supporting businesses in meeting the challenges of corporate sustainability. A systematic approach to understanding and addressing the challenge of environmental sustainability; building the knowledge and skills to enable the competence and innovative thinking this demands, along with great communication to engage people and stimulate their support and interest.

We wish you all a very happy, resourceful and sustainable 2015 – have a look at the new site and let us know what you think. 

Susie Howells

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