People love a good story, and the days of a dry, boring environmental report are hopefully coming to an end (although we know some people still love that sort of thing!) But it’s still easy to get carried away with the narrative and lose sight of what’s important.

GDPP team - greenmetrics

Greenmetrics was part of a city-wide energy saving project, showcasing practical, positive examples of home energy efficiency measures through a range of media and events.


Reputation depends on credibility, which in turn demands evidence and the ability to back up what you say with actions. You can have a great sustainability page on your website, but that can look out of place if you don’t reflect the same ideas when you talk about your business every day.

Our offers:

  • Communications audit and strategy development: review of messages and content, audiences, timing, channels and media to evaluate impact, consistency and ability to meet objectives. Design of a communications strategy and implementation programme.
  • Stakeholder mapping and relationship management: developing an understanding of your stakeholders and what’s important to them, including internal stakeholders (employee engagement) and business partners. Strategies for building positive relationships. Managing stakeholder dialogue.
  • Community investment: establishing a community engagement programme that’s relevant to your organisation and employees, has impact and meets defined community needs.
  • Public reporting of sustainability progress: using a range of ways that meet the needs of your stakeholders, from formal annual reporting to social media, informed by recognised sustainability reporting guidelines.

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