A systematic approach, based on recognised and respected standards and guidance, helps build credibility and confidence in your approach to responsible business. We have practical experience in making environmental management systems work, and have participated in BSi and IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard professional workshops in the run-up to its 2015 revision.

We draw from CSR and sustainability guidance, including ISO 26000, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI – G4) and the United Nations Global Compact to build understanding of the range of issues that can affect people and the environment, either directly or indirectly through the actions taken and decisions made every day in business.

We help you to use a systems-led approach to evaluate and address relevant risks and opportunities within your business, and external risks and opportunities that may affect your business.

Our offers:

  • System implementation: environmental management systems to ISO14001 standard, including gap analysis, policy development, action planning, performance measurement, auditing and performance improvement.
  • Strategy alignment: corporate sustainability strategy and governance review; successful integration with existing business strategy.
  • Making systems work: effective policy implementation and action planning. Troubleshooting difficult areas where it’s hard to get results.
  • Raising standards: performance measurement and management.
  • Supply chain sustainability: managing risk and opportunity in the supply chain.

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