Investing in people, building up knowledge, skills and competences, anticipating future challenges and developing innovative solutions are all essential components of a sustainable business – in all senses.

Greenmetrics workshop

We like to enable people to do well, bringing out the best in individuals and teams, and helping them achieve progress in professional, technical and communication skills. Our approach includes pre-course activities and post-course actions to consolidate the value of any training or coaching intervention, stimulating further thinking and actions.

Our offers:

  • Skills strategy: identification of skills and knowledge needed to meet company sustainability objectives, complemented by a training and people development programme.
  • Bespoke programmes: individual and team training designed and delivered to meet required objectives.
  • Executive coaching: personal and professional development in strategic corporate responsibility and its implementation in complex organisations. (What is it? Why is it important? And how do you make it happen?)
  • Master class / workshop sessions: design and delivery of interactive and engaging corporate social responsibility, sustainable business or environmental management sessions, tailored to meet business objectives.
  • Employee engagement: a programme to build a broad understanding of sustainability and its importance to your organisation at all levels, and across key functions, exploring day-to-day behaviour, decision-making and planning.

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